Thank God for...

• Three confirmed volunteers for the second semester.
• The loyalty of our parents for agreeing to work in the school once a month. (Only 10% of the parents have yet to attend).
• The successful renewal of the SENASAG permit.

We pray for:

• Funds to cover the costs of resources for the extra support class (Bs 22000).
• Assistance to the extra support class in order to help children with their homework.
• More children to participate in the reading club.
• The water supply for the children´s center.
• That we can cover the deficit, as there is an obligation to pay the staff a double bonus. That the staff accept to donate half of their bonus to OESER.
• God´s blessing for the use of PATSIDA´s material for the mobilization of the church and transformation of lives.
• For parents to know Christ and see the transformation of their homes (Mónica Castellón, Rolando Molina, Ilaria Colque, Juan Carlos Chura, Rocío Sarmiento.)
• Volunteers to support children and their families by sales of Bs 30000/month in Mikuniy and that there will be profits that compensate the expenses of SENASAG.

Thank you for your prayers, your financial support and time.

God Bless you richly,