My unforgettable experiences as a Volunteer

Hola! My name is Salome Hengartner, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Switzerland. I’d like to share some experiences from my time in Bolivia with you. Uf! It’s difficult to describe so many impressions in just a few words. In 2017 I worked in Cochabamba for 6 months. Since the moment I arrived in Bolivia, I felt at home.

voluntarios salome

My main responsibilities were giving English lessons, picking up the children from prison and bringing them back in the afternoon, helping the kids with the Homework, organizing different activities or events at school and bring the children to the dentist or the doctor. And of course, giving them all the love and attention, they need and don’t receive at home. It was a huge pleasure to work with the kids at school and in the nursery. The Children form Villa Candelaria live in difficult circumstances.

I mainly worked with the children from the prison. In Bolivia the sons and daughters of prisoners live with them until they are 7 years old. Circumstances in Bolivian prisons are terrible. But OESER makes it possible that these children can receive some education at school or at the nursery.

At the end of my time in Bolivia the kids had winter holidays for two weeks and that’s why I wanted to offer a Holiday- Programm. I was able to accomplish this project with the help of 15 persons from the youth group and a financial support from my family and friends from Switzerland. For those days, we planned a nice program with special activities, as a pijama party and an excursion to a forest.

I’ll definitely not forget the time I shared with the kids from Villa Candelaria and I really recommend everyone to serve as a Volunteer for Kids somewhere.