Proyect "Practica el Amor en los Tiempos del SIDA" (Practice Love in the Time of AIDS)

Program of mobilization of local churches to intervene in education processes of good sexuality management and HIV / AIDS prevention. Areas of intervention: Cochabamba, Sucre Potosí, Santa Cruz, La Paz, Tarija.

General Purpose

Churches sensitized, trained and mobilized towards their community and the Educational Units, contribute to prevent HIV / AIDS, to promote a good management of sexuality, being in solidarity with the affected people as well as cushioning the effects of discrimination. 


Youth and / or other representative groups of 30 new churches, 20 churches already worked on in the first phase and 40 educational units in Cochabamba, Sucre, Potosi and 3 associated churches in Santa Cruz are informed about HIV / AIDS and the good management of their sexuality. Also, they are strengthened and educated in biblical principles and values towards a culture of prevention and solidary practice in their church and community, between 2012 and 2018.